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velsiflex® plasticizer | benzoate based, non-phthalate

Velsiflex® Plasticizer | Benzoate Based, Non-Phthalate

Velsiflex 342 S is a blend of dipropylene glycol dibenzoate and other benzoate esters. It is a lower moisture / lower hydroxyl plasticizer. It has been widely used in 2K polyurethane systems to reduce cure interface, which also provides better rebound, improved tear strength and reduced swell with solvents.

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plasticizers > benzoates - specialchem

Plasticizers > Benzoates - SpecialChem

Benzoflex™ 131 plasticizer by Eastman is isodecyl benzoate which acts as a plasticizer. It is a water-insoluble clear, low viscous organic liquid with mild ester odor. It is compatible with PVC and...

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benzoflex™ 9-88 sg, eastman - chempoint

Benzoflex™ 9-88 SG, Eastman - ChemPoint

Benzoflex™ 9-88SG is a non-phthalate plasticizer for use with cast urethanes. The SG is a "special grade" with a maximum hydroxyl number specification designed for use in urethane prepolymers. 9-88SG offers minimum cure interference and is compatible with both ethers and esters.

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eastman product list for specialty plasticizers

Eastman Product List for Specialty Plasticizers

Benzoflex™181 is a water white alkyl benzoate ester with low odor, low viscosity and excellent compatibility with PVC. Benzoflex™181’s principal use is as a low viscosity plasticizer for plastisol applications. Benzoflex™ 181 may also be used in other applications requiring a low viscosity, high solvating plasticizer.

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non-phthalate plasticizers - emerald kalama chemical

Non-Phthalate Plasticizers - Emerald Kalama Chemical

Dibenzoate plasticizers from Emerald bring critical performance and value to a wide range of industrial applications. They are REACh registered, non-phthalate solutions, which help formulators to develop desirable performance characteristics. As a result, manufacturers are able to meet all of their needs for excellent performance, efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

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imcd | uniplex

IMCD | Uniplex

The Uniplex family of plasticizers is based on a wide range of chemistries which are suitable for a variety of applications. Adipates: Uniplex 125A, Uniplex 165 Benzoate Esters: Uniplex 260, Uniplex 354, Uniplex 400, Uniplex 512, Uniplex 552, Uniplex 988 Citrate Esters: Uniplex 80, Uniplex 83, Uniplex 84 PEG Esters: Uniplex 809, Uniplex 810 Phthalates: Uniplex 155, Uniplex 250, Uniplex 250M ...

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dibenzoate plasticizers offer a safer, viable solution to

Dibenzoate Plasticizers Offer a Safer, Viable Solution to

Dibenzoate plasticizers have been successfully used in adhesives, caulks and sealants for more than 25 years. Waterborne adhesives represent over 50% of the sales of these plasticizer types, followed by caulks and sealants, which also represent significant end uses (see Figure 1).

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benzoate ester - an overview | sciencedirect topics

Benzoate Ester - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

John Murphy, in Additives for Plastics Handbook (Second Edition), 2001. 14.6 Recent Developments. Benzoate esters have been used as plasticizers in a number of PVC formulations for many years but, although they had been known to exhibit excellent stain resistance, UV resistance, and gelation properties (much valued, for example, in the PVC resilient flooring sector), their use has to some ...

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plasticizers - sciencedirect

Plasticizers - ScienceDirect

Plasticizers are added to materials to make them softer and more flexible; the efficiency at which this is accomplished varies from plasticizer to plasticizer as shown in Figure 28.1, where the Shore A hardness values of several plasticizers are reported at various plasticizer concentrations.

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classification of plasticizers - oxoplast

Classification of plasticizers - Oxoplast

DEHT (Oxoviflex®), i.e. 1,4-benzenedicarboxylic acid bis(2-ethylhexyl) ester produced by Grupa Azoty S.A. is the response to the ever-growing interest in non-phthalate plasticizers on the PVC processing market.

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