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managing the azure log analytics agent - azure monitor | microsoft docs

Managing the Azure Log Analytics agent - Azure Monitor | Microsoft Docs

Uninstall from the command line. The downloaded file for the agent is a self-contained installation package created with IExpress. The setup program for the agent and supporting files are contained in the package and need to be extracted in order to properly uninstall using the command line shown in the following example.

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azure pipelines agents - azure pipelines | microsoft docs

Azure Pipelines Agents - Azure Pipelines | Microsoft Docs

If the newer version of the agent is only different in minor version, self-hosted agents can usually be updated automatically (configure this setting in Agent pools, select your agent, Settings - the default is enabled) by Azure Pipelines. An upgrade is requested when a platform feature or one of the tasks used in the pipeline requires a newer ...

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install log analytics agent on windows computers - azure monitor

Install Log Analytics agent on Windows computers - Azure Monitor

The Windows agent will begin to exclusively use SHA-2 signing on August 17, 2020. This change will impact customers using the Log Analytics agent on a legacy OS as part of any Azure service (Azure Monitor, Azure Automation, Azure Update Management, Azure Change Tracking, Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel, Windows Defender ATP).

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create your first pipeline - azure pipelines | microsoft docs

Create your first pipeline - Azure Pipelines | Microsoft Docs

queue-id: Queue ID of the agent pool where the pipeline needs to run. yaml-path: Path of the pipeline's yaml file in the repo. Example. The following command updates the pipeline with the ID of 12 with a new name and description and shows the result in table format.

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deploy on-premises azure ad password protection | microsoft docs

Deploy on-premises Azure AD Password Protection | Microsoft Docs

A password change request fails if there's a match in these banned password list. To protect your on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) environment, you can install and configure Azure AD Password Protection to work with your on-prem DC.

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snmp command examples - oracle

SNMP Command Examples - Oracle

The snmpget command merely reads the value of the specified object ID, while the snmpset command writes the value specified to the object ID. Further, along with the value to be written to the object ID, you must also specify the data type of the object ID in the snmpset command because SNMP objects support more than one data type.

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how to reset windows update components on windows 10 • pureinfotech

How to reset Windows Update components on Windows 10 • Pureinfotech

How to reset Windows Update using Command Prompt. To reset Windows Update manually using Command Prompt on Windows 10, use these steps: Open Start. Search for Command Prompt, right-click the top result, and select the Run as administrator option.

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commands/summon – official minecraft wiki

Commands/summon – Official Minecraft Wiki

Must be a namespaced ID of a summonable entity type. JE: : vec3 BE: spawnPos: x y z: CommandPositionFloat. Specifies the position to summon the entity. If not specified, defaults to the position of the command's execution. Must be a three-dimensional coordinates with floating-point number elements. Accepts tilde and caret notations.

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ssh keys - archwiki

SSH keys - ArchWiki

SSH keys can serve as a means of identifying yourself to an SSH server using public-key cryptography and challenge-response authentication.The major advantage of key-based authentication is that in contrast to password authentication it is not prone to brute-force attacks and you do not expose valid credentials, if the server has been compromised.

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