high performance plasticising action of plasticizer



Low to high polarity esters provide utility in a wide range of elastomers including nitrile, polychloroprene, EPDM, chlorinated polyethylene, and epichlorohydrin. Plasticizer-elastomer interaction is governed by many factors such as solubility parameter, molecular weight, and chemical structure. Compatibility and performance attributes are key ...

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high performance super-plasticizer

High Performance Super-plasticizer

High Performance Super-plasticizer Product Description Sika® Viscocrete® -20 HE is a third generation super-plasticiser for concrete and mortar. It meets the requirements for high range water reducing super-plasticisers according to EN 934 -2 Use s Sika® Viscocrete® -20 HE is especially suitable for the production of conc rete mixes

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super plasticizers - chembond construction chemicals

SUPER PLASTICIZERS - Chembond Construction Chemicals

KEM SUPLAST PCE 200 has been primarily developed for application in ready mixed and precast concrete industries where the highest durability and performance is required. Super plasticizing action of KEM SUPLAST PCE 200 is different than conventional super plasticizers based on sulfonated melamine and naphthalene formaldehyde condensate, which ...

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plasticisers - information center

Plasticisers - Information Center

Over the last 60 years more than 30,000 different substances have been evaluated for their plasticising properties. Of these, only a small number – approximately 50 – are today in commercial use after meeting the rigorous performance, cost, availability, health and environmental requirements which are imposed by the market, users and regulators.

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super plasticizers: classification and uses | concrete technology

Super Plasticizers: Classification and Uses | Concrete Technology

Super plasticizers are used for producing flowing concrete to be used in inaccessible locations, floors or where very quick placing is required. A self levelling and self-compacting concrete is called flowing concrete. Super plasticizers are also used for the production of high strength and high performance concrete.

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plasticizers for concrete: types and principle of action

Plasticizers for concrete: types and principle of action

6. Since the concrete solution has high flowability and good adhesion to the surface, it is used in the process of pouring the element with reinforced sections. 7. By adding a plasticizer, it is possible to obtain a solution that has a high level of density. The structures constructed with the help of such a solution have high water resistance. 8.

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selecting plasticizers for adhesives and sealants

Selecting Plasticizers for Adhesives and Sealants

Plasticizer compatibility is the key to plasticizer performance in adhesives and sealants. In latex systems, compatibility can be assessed by observing the viscosity increase after the addition of the plasticizer and by observing the clarity of a cast film of the plasticized adhesives.

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plasticizing of concrete - isomat

Plasticizing of concrete - ISOMAT

Type A plasticizer (ASTM C-494) and is used in a proportion of 0,2-0,5% by cement weight. IV. REMARKS. Consumption of plasticizers, when they are added to ready-mixed concrete depends on the workability of the concrete when it arrives at the work site, and on its desired final workability.

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plasticizing admixtures - euclid chemical

Plasticizing Admixtures - Euclid Chemical

Plasticizing Admixtures enhance the production efficiency of manufactured, dry-cast concrete products while improving and (optionally) modifying their surface texture.

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sebacates-plasticizers-sebacates-nayakem - nayakem

sebacates-plasticizers-sebacates-nayakem - Nayakem

Di Octyl Sebacate (DOS) is an ester type plasticizer. It has been used for many years as a standard in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compounds requiring flexibility at low temperatures. It is the typical high quality cold resistance PVC plasticizers with high plasticizing efficiency and low colour distortion.

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