first grade pvc DOP liquid from Pakistan

DOP / PVC Plasticizer – Product Dioctyl phthalate /DOP 99.5% 1.Manufacturer. 2.Fast delivery 3.Reliable supplier. 4.Good price and high quality. Dioctyl phthalate /DOP 99.5% . Plasticizer DOP (Dioctyl Phthalate) : 1.Colourless or yellowish Oily Liquid 2.slight odor 3.plasticizers in plasticsRead More

industrial fine organics for pvc plasticizers

FinaFlex-1200 Bio-based Phthalate-Free Green Plasticizer for PVC Please do not distribute without permission from Fine Organic Industries Private Limited. With increasing Plasticizer level, the Tg of PVC drops sharply indicating Plasticizing efficiency FinaFlex-1200 @ levels between 30 – 40 phrRead More