top purity resistance to plasticizer

tygon 2001 high purity plasticizer free pvc tubing, 3/4

Tygon 2001 High Purity Plasticizer Free PVC Tubing, 3/4

Plasticizer- and oil-free plastic tubing for transferring fluids in applications that require high purity, including with peristaltic pumps Translucent Tygon formulation 2001 plastic to allow visual flow monitoring with reduced exposure to ozone and UV light Resistant to chemicals that cause cracking and swelling in polyvinyl chloride tubing

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99.9% top purity plasticizer atbc with fast delivery

99.9% top purity plasticizer atbc with fast delivery

food grade 99% purity plasticizer acetyl butyl citrate. 99.5% top grade dbp oil for plastic containers. PlasticizerAcetyl tributyl citrate, ATBC,CAS NO: 77-90-7;Factory price. purity:99% min Application:It is used for nontoxic PVC pelleting,food packaging container,medical products industry. faste delivery,good price .

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plasticizers and solvents - 大八化学工業株式会社

Plasticizers and Solvents - 大八化学工業株式会社

Plasticizer with cold resistance for natural and synthetic rubber and vinyl-type resins. Plasticizer for polyurethane elastomer. ... Purity Wt % ≧99.0 Anti-coloring agent,for polyethylene ... TOP Tris(2-ethylhexyl) phosphate O=P(OC 8H 17) 3 435 Colorless to light

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kynar pvdf plastic | chemical resistance, high purity

Kynar PVDF Plastic | Chemical Resistance, High Purity

High purity engineering plastic with excellent chemical, abrasion, and flame resistance PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), often referred to by its trade name Kynar®, is a high purity engineering thermoplastic with excellent chemical resistance , abrasion resistance, flame resistance, and UV stability.

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top 3 most acid resistant plastics and what they're used for

Top 3 Most Acid Resistant Plastics and What They're Used For

Top 3 Most Acid Resistant Plastics. Posted April 20, 2018. ... Kynar is a high purity engineering thermoplastic chemically resistant to strong acids, halogenated solvents, petrochemical mixtures, and reducing agents. Due to its excellent chemical-resistance, abrasion-resistance, flame-resistance, weatherability and resistance to UV degradation ...

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tygon tubing

Tygon tubing

These formulations have a high degree of chemical resistance and do not release any hazardous material when properly incinerated. Tygon 2275 High Purity tubing, Tygon Ultra Chemical Resistant Tubing 2075, and Tygon Plasticizer Free Tubing 2001 are all plasticizer-free. "ND-100 series" products are non-DEHP and use a non-Phthalate plasticizer.

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medical plastics 101: cyclic olefin copolymer

Medical Plastics 101: Cyclic Olefin Copolymer

Cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) is a unique member of the polyolefin family, which also includes high-volume materials like polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). It was introduced a few decades ago and has become a widely used material in medical and packaging applications. The extremely high ...

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dioctyl phthalate (dop)


DOP is the dominant plasticizer used in PVC, providing low cost. Short chain phthalates (C3 - C7) are used when rapid setting and stain resistance is required. 2-Ethyl hexanol, produced by the dimerisation of butyraldehyde obtained from propylene, is cheaper than isononyl alcohol which are prepared by the carbonylation of an olefin.

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polyoxymethylene (acetal plastic): pom material properties

Polyoxymethylene (Acetal Plastic): POM Material Properties

Acetal copolymers, are easily-processed, highly-crystalline plastics delivering high strength, stiffness, toughness and lubricity over a broad range of temperatures and chemical environment. These polymers offer low extractable and high purity and are FDA Compliant and pharma-friendly – animal and latex free. Industrial Uses

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pigments for plastics: complete technical guide

Pigments for Plastics: Complete Technical Guide

Thanks to its chemical purity, carbon black is a useful pigment for a variety of materials besides plastics, including elastomers, inks and surface coatings. Carbon black may be applied to create full-shade black plastics or as a tinting pigment to modify the color of the chromatic pigments in plastics.

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